Time For a Cuppa?

I'm sure you know, but here's a gentle reminder anyway, that today is the Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Basically, the Macmillan charity is trying to raise as much as possible by getting we Brits to do what we do best...have a natter over a cuppa.

My daughter's school is hosting a coffee morning and her year has been asked to provide cakes and wotnots, so on Sunday Pip and I spent a lovely few hours making and decorating cookies.

Actually, if I'm being brutally honest, I did not want to bake cookies. I mean, I know it's a GREAT cause but it was sunny and the papers were spread out across the table so enticingly. And frankly, I am forever feeding the naffing troops...

But nothing elbows you in the guilty ribs like a child mumbling about the place does it? So sure enough I was soon up to my grumpy wrists in flour and after a bit of huffing and puffing I got into it. Again, if I'm being brutally honest, my competitive streak kicked in and Pip and I were racing to the death to see who could knock out the most complicated shapes and designs. I think on reflection her musical notes were pretty darn fine, but my striped hearts had the edge.

I trust they will raise some funds today and perhaps a few smiles too.

Anway, if anyone is hosting a coffee morning near you, or selling cakes in your office, do stick your hand in your pocket and bung em a quid if you can spare it. The Macmillan nurses do a bloody marvelous job and we need to support them.


JO said...

Thank you - I'd forgotten it was today. Give me half an hour to shower and get dressed, and I'll be there.

Helen Black said...

Hilariously, Pip forgot to take the cookies to school.

I shall be eating striped hearts all bloody week.
HB x

Gillian McDade said...

A great cause - please support Macmillan everyone!

Panic Away said...

Charity fund raising events such as Macmillan Coffee Morning can benefit a lot of people but what touches me the most is the fact that your daughter gently nudge you into it.

More than just reaching out to those who are less fortunate, what is integrated into a child is that kindness of being 'noblesse oblige'.