Friday Film

It's Friday. By this stage of the week my only professional ambitions are to drink coffee and refrain from killing anyone. So I'm low on motivational writing advice and observational humour. Instead, I thought it would be easier fun to link to a video.

Here's Mrs Whitaker - who wrote, typeset and printed four newspapers while looking after two small children in 1942. Writing is soon skimmed over as a minor and untelegenic part of the process, and Mrs Whitaker enjoys no fame or fortune today, but she's an inspiration to those of us feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of work and family life. 

(If video doesn't display, click here.)

Film courtesy of British Pathé. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook


Helen Black said...

This morning I was feeling a tad sorry for myself.
The puppy has broken her foot and needed to be taken to the vet, there's a leak in the utility room, the freezer is knackered and my husband announced he has to go to Washington next week.

Oh and my ed needs the next round of changes to book five by the 19th

Then I watched your video and am going to pull up my socks and chanel Mrs W.

HB x

Lindsay said...

What a little gem of a film! (I can't help thinking Mrs W is probably a lot younger than she looks!)