Listen up, it's been a while...

Hello loyal blog readers,

It has been an absolute age since we last posted anything here and it seems only fair to tell you why. In the beginning, I imagine (I was a late addition) this blog was a haven of hope and a place to practise and perfect prose. And to avoid too much alliteration. There are some great pieces here from people who are passionate about their own writing and other people's.

So where did we go?

Good question. My guess is that people followed their own literary trails and found they could no longer dedicate the time needed to produce blog posts that mattered. Perhaps we'll do a catch-up with the founders at some point. I hope so. It would be lovely for you - and me - to see where they are now.

The other thing that has changed in our hiatus is the way that many writers communicate. Still words, of course, but there is now a profusion of platforms, some offering writers ways to interact more dynamically with their audience.

In my case, I joined forces with editor and author Lynn Michel to create a fledgling podcast - The Truth About Fiction. We are ten episodes in and still finding our feet. You can find us here and we would love to hear what you think. You can also drop questions or themes here in the comments and we'll consider them for future shows.