Guest Blog Competition!

Ever fancied a good hiss and a spit about something writing-wise, that's close to your heart? Some of you may remember our last Guest Blog Competition at Easter - the winner was Gary Wilson and he wrote a very inspiring post about, erm, Inspiration! So, why not put yourselves forward and send us a sentence or two explaining what you would blog about. Have a good rant or a genteel discussion, list a top ten of how to deal with writer's block or rejection... Whatever you like, as long as it is tempered with good humour and strictly about writing. Or reading. Or getting published - you get the picture. We have a cap of 500 words and would link the piece to any website of your choice, as well as uploading a photo. Simply email your idea to Samantha (click on 'email' in her profile).

The winner will have their guest piece posted up in November and win a signed copy of our very own Helen Black's 'Damaged Goods'.

So come on, we can't wait to hear from you! Get your entries in by Friday 25th September and the winner will be announced on Sunday 4th October. And remember, in the first instance, just submit a brief outline of your idea.

Sorry, but previous Guest Bloggers not eligible.

Thanks everyone!


Gillian McDade said...

I love the pic! Now that is cute :) Get those entries in!

Administrator said...

Hmm, i couldn't resist it!

Yes, come on everyone, i for one would love to hear from you - what i like about my other team members is that they blog about subjects i have never even considered...