January's Strictly Writing Winner Is....

...postponed until Monday actually.

At the risk of sounding like a British Rail Apologies Announcement due to the wrong kind of snow or the weight of the leaves on the track, the delay is due to the level of entries this month which far exceeded our expectations - both in terms of quality and quantity.

This doesn't mean that the deadline has been extended, though, only the announcement of the winner.

Anyway, piggy-backing the unprecedented-ness of this month, we have also decided to have an additional winner at the end of February, although NO FURTHER ENTRIES ARE BEING ACCEPTED as of midnight last night.

AND, after the OVERALL WINNER has been announced,  the prize awarded and we've all shimmied  out of our sequinned outfits, we'll also be highlighting some of the stories that  we felt were Highly Commended.  These will become posts throughout the year.

So bear with us everybody and remember the great British Rail motto*:
"It's bound to be great if you have to wait."

* No, I know it isn't really, but it should be, don't you think?


Unknown said...

Why are you saying that you are not receiving any entries while the competition has to end on Monday??

Unknown said...

I visited your site like two days ago that's when i read about the competition now that i have sent my story and i thought i have the chance of being a winner,i read that notice of NO ENTRIES ARE RECEIVED it has really broken my heart.

Debs Riccio said...

Sorry for breaking your heart, Leocardia.
It does state clearly in the rules that each winner will be announced on the last Friday on the month, therefore making the last Thursday (i.e. yesterday)the cut-off.
This month is no different - we haven't extended the deadline, only the announcement of the winner.
Keep an eye out, though, we've been so impressed with the interest we might run another Award in the future!

Unknown said...

How do we vote for our favourite?