Finding your genius

Have you watched the wonderful TED video of Elizabeth Gilbert talking about her experience of creativity?

I found Elizabeth’s talk deeply inspiring the first time I watched it, and again last night, when I was thinking about what to post on Strictly Writing today. It also links well with Susannah's fascinating post last Friday about proprioceptive writing. What Elizabeth says resonates with my own experience, apart from the bit about writing a best seller.

I’ve often thought that I need to be available for a story or a poem when it shows up, and that if I miss it the muse will pass me by, looking for another outlet. My experiences aren’t quite as mystical as some of the ones she describes, but I too know that sensation of a creative idea coming along when it’s not convenient for me to write it – the experience she described from Tom Waits.

I’ve also found it helpful to address that creative spirit as something external in the way Elizabeth does.

I’d be interested to know if others relate to this; I also hope you find Elizabeth’s humility, energy and insight a source of inspiration to keep turning up at work.

You can find it by clicking on these words

There are lots of other fascinating talks at TED. It’s perfect for wasting time when you should be writing.


Helen Black said...

I love Elizabeth Gilbert's approach and find her hugely inspiring.

One of my fave quotes is (and I'm paraphrasing) to stop worrying whether your work is any good. It's your job as a writer to write and submit. It's the job of others to take it from there.
HB x

Caroline Green said...

This looks really interesting...what exactly is TED though?

Susie Nott-Bower said...

Thanks for posting this, Rod. I've never heard Elizabeth Gilbert speak - she's very inspiring. And yes, it takes such a huge pressure off one's back to know that you only have to show up - the rest is grace.

Kath said...

This talk by Sir Ken Robinson is my favourite ever TED talk. Check it out. As well as provoking deep thought about creativity and education, he is hilarious in his presentation. Enjoy:

Anonymous said...

The Elizabeth Gilbert speech is one of my favorites. It's fantastic. I share it with everyone.