No missed aches in the man you script with the spell chequer!

Hell oh. Ewe may remember me - the spell chequer. Eye previously post ted on Strict Lee Right Ting last year and eye had quite ah phew comments congratulate ting me on my vital roll eye play in you’re man you scripts. My wonder full exist tense means that ewe shoe dent halve to reed over you’re man you scripts.

Eye cheque all you’re words bee fore you’re book goes of to those big scary agents and publish hers. Eye all ways run my eyes threw you’re books too make sure their our no spelling missed aches. I catch them all the tyme and alert ewe to the fact the whirred is wrong. For example, hear is a sentence eye saw in sum silly write hers book:

John drove Daisy to the hosspital.

Now, ewe will sea that the whirred hosspital is spelled badly. It’s my job too spot these mist aches and eye like too think eye am success full. Just rely on me and ewe won’t go wrong. I remove all the words that our under lined in green sew that ewe halve a page witch is era free.

Eye all ways put the era wright too make sure you’re books our the best. All two often write hers make the mist ache of knot using me. Many write hers simply reed threw there man you scripts bee fore post ting them of. Let me tell ewe – ewe do knot knead to do this – just press the butt in four the spell chequer – that’s me. Putt you’re trussed in me, and ewe will knot bee wrong.

Eye come with all pea seas and eye max, and many say eye am the king of spelling. Once again eye halve cast my I over this blog and there our no green lines. That’s what eye like too sea. Eye hope ewe halve know green lines on you’re pages!

Any way, eye mussed dash of – eye really do knot have tyme too talk two ewe plebs. Huh, ewe think ewe don’t knead me. Well, your wrong sill he write hers!


Debs Riccio said...

One word. My Graine.
Excellent but pain-inducing!

Fionnuala said...

Fabulous and exhausting!

Susie Nott-Bower said...

(clutches head) How did you DO that, in your present condition? I haven't discovered spell check, would you believe, on my computer. Not sure now that I want to!

Juliet Boyd said...

That must have taken hours to perfect.

Gillian McDade said...

Actually the Spell Chequer is easy to rouse! He comes naturally when all else fails!

Lindsay said...

Gret writting - I mean, great writing, or should that be grate righting?