Pass The Nuts

This will be a very short post from the coal face of post-Christmas lethargy.

Here at Casa Black, we take the whole issue of feasting very seriously.

We begin with a glass of something with bubbles - and no, I don't mean Radox - at noon on Christmas Day and we continue until Hercule Poirot says that we must go to bed.

Boxing Day begins with a long walk but soon gives way to a buffet of grand proportions that lasts aproximately ten hours or until the last guest expires.

No doubt some of you writers out there are already pushing aside the cobwebs and making plans to sub your WIP to a list of your most prefered agents.
My advice is don't.
They are all at home eating Quality Street.

So give yourself a rest. Pour another glass. James Bond starts in ten minutes.


megarotk said...

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Caroline Green said...

What the heck are those things in the picture? They look sort of alien but also delicious, which is quite an unusual combination...

K M Kelly said...

Glass of wine already poured. Cheers.