What We're Writing...

It's always interesting to know what fellow writers are up to, so here's a taster of what's flowing from the nib of the Strictlies right now:

Caroline G:

I’ve been writing notes for my for my first ever schoolworkshop, which was at Campsbourne School in Alexandra Palace with the yearsixes. It went really well and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The staff and childrenwere lovely and some of the children’s ideas blew me away!

I'm revising the first draft of my WIP while also composing a 'Dear Mr Top Agent' letter! And I'm still grappling with the passport forms!

I'm in a writing fug, but reading War Horse for book club. It's a shortbook so I left it until the last minute to read it, thinking I'd fly through itbut... So far, the jury's out - watch this space!

I'm struggling with formatting the third book I'm publishing on Kindle Direct ("Let's Go Round Again" by D A Cooper if you're interested) It's a real 'mare. Luckily the cover is beautiful *if only everyone was so easily pleased!*
I am writing a radio play aboutliving a virtual life via Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Caroline R:
I'm writing a presentation for next week's MAseminar - it's about Victorian lesbians.

I've been offered a Q & A interview with alocal magazine, so have been answering their Qs - great fun!

I spent three days last week in The British Museum and The National Portrait Gallery, with my poetry buddy, looking at objects and then writing about them. I am now trying to finish some of the ideas for poems that came out of that. He has already written an amazing poem about seeing his face reflected in the glass of a famous portrait, so I need tocatch up.

... so what are YOU writing write now...?


Charmaine Clancy said...

A fair bit of productivity happening there, shaming me to get back to work.
I've just published my first novel this week, but have to get straight back to editing two more novels and writing my Pirate Girl novel.
Wagging Tales

Helen Black said...

Charmaine, it's always a balancing act between publishing the current book and cracking on with the WIP no?

Whatever I'm doing, I always feel I should be working on the other project.
HB x