Not a Partridge Nor a Pear Tree In Sight...

I had this post drafted when there were twelve days to Christmas and had it all nicely tied in the with festive song. However, without boring you with the details, I’m posting a later version of it now. And it’s really got nothing to do with the song, not a sign of milking maids or partridges... It hasn’t even got anything to do with Christmas... However, it is my little gift to you procrastinators out there who like to browse websites/articles with writer-ly stuff. One for each day left in 2011 – enjoy!

Interesting concept where readers pledge unpublished authors support in getting their book published

Article on e-publishing with Kindle. Could YOU make a million?

Do you, like me, dread the word ‘synopsis’?

How to write a novel using the ‘snowflake method’.

A link for those writers who are interested in the world of short stories, but the site offers so much more as well.

Do you tweet? If not, should you?

Brilliant writer’s forum website and the first place where I met some fab writer friends!

Stuck on a name for that guy inside your head? Name your characters in a simple click!

An interesting read on character versus plot. Which do you write naturally?

Pen names – why and how?


DT said...

A veritable feast of writerly questions and ideas! When you scratch the surface, there's so much more to consider than just putting the words on the page now. I tweet therefore I am!


Fionnuala said...

Twitter is something I still struggle with... however it is one of my new years resolutions to tweet more (and drink less)

By the way apologies to all - I haven't been able to link the websites at the click of a button - sorry.

DT said...

Combining both to make for interesting tweets!

Karen said...

I love the character name generator and have just used it to pick one for a short story.

I'm procrastinating, but being productive too!