Celebrate Reading - by Peppa Piddleton

Books can be used for a variety of different things. You can place them in your bookcase in your house to brighten up the shelves, or if you are clever, you might want to read them. A row of books can make your home more appealing and perhaps add value to it - if Kirsty and Phil call round unannounced they will undoubtedly be impressed. If you are having visitors you may want to carefully arrange the books according to the colour of their jackets. For example you may want to place a pink one beside a pastel green one or a blue one beside a black one. If you are feeling more adventurous with your colour co-ordination skills, you may like to place a red book beside an orange book. You may also want to complete the overall appearance of the bookshelf by placing a few scented sachets on it.

More importantly, since you've bought the books with your hard earned cash, you may also want to read them. To do this you simply open the book gently with your hands and scan the words with your eyes and this will create a story in your mind. You can either read quietly or read aloud depending on who is in the vicinity and whether or not they wish to hear your voice. Remember to turn the page once you've finished the previous one.

Books can be read anywhere - in the comforts of your own home or while waiting for the train. You can also sit on the grass in the park with a book enjoying the sun which comes out in the summertime. Don't forget to pack a picnic rug. You can also enjoy reading a book in a coffee shop, but do remember to keep sipping your coffee before it goes cold. Books are fun to read and they come in many shapes and sizes. You can pick whatever size fits your hands best. They can also be found in public libraries which house a great number of books for people to borrow, read and enjoy. Of course, if you borrow a book from a library, you must always remember to bring it back before the agreed date.

If you manage to finish the book you may want to talk about it. To do this you simply invite a group of people round. They can sit on comfortable seats in your living room or lounge. A little tip is to offer them a drink when they arrive as they could be thirsty. The drinks can be served in glasses with ice or alternatively without ice. You may also want to serve some low fat nibbles such as twiglets to accompany the drinks. Once everyone has arrived you can start the discussion. You may want to talk about how pretty the cover is or how useful the book is to use as a base for a candle. You may also want to talk about what's inside the book. You can think about the characters and whether or not they made you laugh or you can decide which of the chapters you like best.

Books are also useful for a last minute present. A good tip is to colour co-ordinate the jacket with the wrapping paper. To wrap the book simply place it on top of the paper and fold up the edges carefully. You will need to have sticky tape and scissors ready. Once you have it wrapped you can tie a fancy bow around it and make it pretty.

I hope you enjoyed my quick guide to books. Whether you use them as ornaments to add value to your home or if you genuinely enjoy reading you can read more handy tips in my book Celebrate Reading.


Peppa Piddleton xx

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