Just something to bear in mind

Bring a little eggstra to the table.

Every minute, of every hour, of every day, another book is born. More, probably.

And there'll be fanfares and launch parties and campaigns, at the top table.

For the new wave of self and independently published books, there'll be blogs and tweets, and frendly reviews, and blog hops, and giveaways and bookmarks.

There'll be debates (if you're lucky!) and comparisons. And friends helping out, of both the willing and conscripted varieties.

And let's not forget the naysayers, along with the backslappers; the silent competition too, perhaps even from your own stable.

And a million other chances and reasons not to buy your book, just at this time you understand?

And the cover and those opening lines will delight some and disappoint others.

Your story will be unique, just like everyone else's.

So you better make damn sure your book has something worth saying, and that it says it well.

Because it's a bloody jungle out there!


JO said...

Put like that, we're all bonkers! Oh well, there are worse things to be, aren't there?

L said...

Well said!

Thrifty Gal said...

Good post!

DT said...

Thanks all for your thoughts. I think it's fair to say that my upcoming self-publication launch is on my mind of late!