Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Quickfire Questions with... Cally Taylor + Prize Giveaway!

Cally Taylor completed her first novel in 2007, having previously written short stories. In 2008 she signed with her literary agent and Heaven Can Wait, a supernatural romantic comedy, has been published by Orion this week. Check out Cally's website here. She is kindly giving away a copy of her debut novel - the winner will be randomly chosen from those people commenting on this thread. (Sorry, but Strictly Writers are not eligible.) The winner will be announced this Sunday!

Which 3 writers, living or dead, would you invite to dinner?
Margaret Atwood, Stephen Fry and Jane Austen.

Favourite writing snack?
Chocolate! Or mixed seeds when I'm trying to be 'good'.

Longhand or computer?
Longhand for planning a novel and scribbling down notes and ideas. Computer for writing the first draft and editing.

The best thing about being published is...
Knowing that, over next few years, eight different versions of "Heaven Can Wait" (seven foreign editions) will end up on my bookshelf and I'll be able to look at them, marvel over the different covers and go, "Ooooh...my...god. I did that!"

Win Booker prize or land Hollywood film deal?
Film deal. I'd LOVE to see my characters brought to life on the screen.

An author should never...
Google for reviews of their book without their thickest skin zipped up tightly and a stiff drink in their hand.

Daily Mail or The Times?
Neither. The Guardian. Although The Daily Mail online is always good for a laugh.

Independent bookshop or Amazon?
I'd be lying if I claimed I didn't use Amazon. I'm actually a bit addicted and order most of my books, CDs and DVDs from them. That said I do try and support independent bookshops when I actually manage to tear myself away from the computer.

You really must read...
"After You'd Gone" by Maggie O'Farrell.

Left on a cliffhanger or told all?
Too much of a cliffhanger and I feel robbed (or assume there will be a sequel). I'd rather be told 80% and finish off the story in my head.

My biggest tip for a Women's Fiction writer is…
Love your main character. You're going to be spending a hell of a lot of time with her.

Character first or plot?
I get a rough idea for the plot first, but only the first 8 or 9 scenes and the ending. The character dictates the rest of the novel.

My journey to publication was...
Extraordinarily lucky. I was rejected five times before I signed with the Darley Anderson Literary Agency. After that my agent, Madeleine Buston, made all sorts of magical things happen. I spent three years writing short stories (and collecting rejections) before I wrote my novel so think that helped harden up my writing skin a bit.


Samantha Tonge said...

Sounds like you have certainly earned your success, Cally. Well done!

Susie Nott-Bower said...

Congratulations, Cally - hope the book does really well!

Gillian McDade said...

Well done on your success, Cally. Sounds like you made quite an impression with the book. Being taken on by a Big Gun is a great achievement!

Julie P said...

Well done Cally, I'd invite Stephen Fry to a dinner party too!


CarolineG said...

Thanks Cally and huge amounts of luck with the book.
I also love Maggie O'F.

Debs Riccio said...

Cally, just started your book - love it already - think we were 'published' together in the TwitterTitters thing, weren't we?

Fionnuala Kearney said...

Hi Cally,
Great to see you on here! Now I know why your blog mentions you being so busy giving interviews. We're lucky to have you and thanks so much for your time. Have ordered HCW and look forward to reading it. See you in blogland.

Cassie said...

I would love to win a copy as I can't buy it where I live!

thatwemightfly AT gmail DOT com

Geraldine Ryan said...

Lovely interview, Cally! I've always been one of your biggest supporters so I'm thrilled for you!

Debs said...

Great interview thanks. Loved Heaven Can Wait and finished it last night.

Lost Wanderer said...

I really enjoyed this interview. I have read Cally's blog tour for the most part, but this really gets under the skin of the person, as oppose to just writer.

Colette said...

Great questions.

B said...

I'm amazed at how hard Cally has worked at all these interviews! Really interesting - thanks.

Claire Moss said...

Hi Cally, Well done! I was reading about Heaven Can Wait on WriteWords yesterday, sounds right up my street, so if I don't win a copy here I'll be ordering one ASAP.

Ash B said...

Amazing. Congratulations on getting published. Good for you, you got a deal after only 5 rejections. I'm bracing myself for 26 before I feel bad =)