Greetings from Rooney the Rhino!

Strictly Writing's very own Rod Vincent has sent us this picture from his World Cup adventure in South Africa!

The rhino, nicknamed Rooney, had to be moved from one part of Mattanu Game Reserve to another, so vet Johan Kriek darted it from a helicopter and there was a chance for a quick photo opportunity.

It sounds like Rod is having a brilliant time - let's hope he has some great stories to tell about England victories on his return!

Photo © Jess Baker


Rosy T said...

I'm so jealous, Rod! (Of the footie, not the rhino.)

Geraldine Ryan said...

Nice pic, Rod!

Old Kitty said...

... but not of the USA v England game just gone. good grief - is all I can say!

Lovely rhino!!!

take care

Gillian McDade said...

Thanks for the great pic, Rod!

Fidelity said...

oh I just hate soccer. It's the bane of my life. The fanatacism over it has always irritated me. Once I had to walk 15 miles in Ireland because there was a WC match on and the bus just belted all the way from Dublin. I was at the stop at 6.25pm; the bus was due at 6.45pm; I waited til 7.05pm and then had to start walking - nearly 15 miles, with an injury on the knee from a road accident. Pain like a red hot poker and ever since because the driver wanted to get to Bailiborough to 'see the second half'!

Dublin when the soccer fans were there was as grim as hell with all the shops having their shutters down for fear of broken windows and I once saw a crowd go on the rampage through O'Connell street and fling 'bruscar' bins at the window of the GPO behind which was the statue of Cuculain.

The Irish Permanent used to 'chase after' those soccer fans to loan money to them to go abroad for matches and that and their loan policy generally wiped out the savings of older people who were saving for their retirements.

The negative side to the soccer fanaticism is never heard except when it involves mass disorder. I hate to see racism-engendering flagswagging all over the place.

Caroline Green said...

Oh I don't know...I'm not one for flags but I don't think there's any harm in being a big supporter of your national team.

I'm not a football fan generally, but I always watch major England matches. Feel so sorry for Rob Green! Can't imagine how bad that must have felt..
Great pic of Rod! Aren't rhinos meant to be incredibly dangerous animals though? [might be confusing them with hippos!]

Caro said...

Yeah, rhinos are dangerous - I wouldn't fancy standing that close to one, even though it's heavily sedated. V. brave of Rod!

There was a great headline in yesterday's New York Post: "USA WINS 1-1."