Don't cower in the background

From early 20th-century Chicago come some words of advice that are just as relevant to writers as to the artists they were originally aimed at. They appeared in a pamphlet advertising Dorothy D. Deene's correspondence course in Commercial Art in around 1908.

Deene, who shot to fame as a runner-up in the Chicago Tribune's 'Most Beautiful Girl in Chicago' competition, had an art studio in East 41st Street in the first decade of the 20th century. She subsequently began selling her own blend of herbal 'Complexion Tea', said to remove wrinkles, brighten the spirits and get the bowels moving regularly.

  • Fear to attempt something new is the rock that causes wreckage of most human careers.
  • Half-hearted endeavour at something you don't like to do, causes the discord that spoils any life.
  • If you are in a rut, don't waste hours blaming your environment. Improve moments in getting out of it.
  • Be in harmony with your every day task. You can't be worthy of your work if your work isn't worthy of you.
  • Putting off from one day to the next is a pernicious habit. It makes the years sum up badly.
  • Be in tune with the best there is in you, and play up to it.
  • The words that spoil the success of lives most often are “I can't” and “I'm afraid to try.”
  • A good profession will prove your best friend – better to lean upon than your truest friend or relative.
  • There are dormant powers of adaptability and resource in each one of us; wake them up.
  • What if you haven't had experience? You have not yet tested your efficiency.
  • What if you do fear defeat? Fear destroys initiative, and without initiative nothing is accomplished.
  • Don't cower in the background. Make your life stand out.
  • To ambition, brains and energy, success will surely make its bow.


DT said...

A lovely way to start the day! One of the great benefits of being part of a writers' community is that you are never far from inspiration.

Joanna said...

A beautiful woman. And beautiful thoughts with which to begin the day too. Many thanks.

Thrifty Gal said...

Great post, very inspiring!

Helen Black said...

This really put a smile on my face.
HB x