Author Susan Lewis answers some Quick Fire Questions

Susan Lewis is the bestselling author of twenty-six novels. She is also the author of Just One More Day, a moving memoir of her childhood in Bristol. Having resided in France and Los Angeles for many years she now lives in Gloucestershire.  The Strictly team were particularly impressed with Susan's remarkable talent for not only producing two books a year, but with her self-imposed discipline in the art of non-procrastination. Something with which writers are not normally associated!

Her latest book, 'Stolen' is out in paperback on 1st September.

What is a typical writing day for you?
I tend to start by ten at the latest and go through until six or seven.

We've heard that you sit down to write every single day, never take correspondence before 4pm (and then only Tuesday - Thursday) and feel stressed and panicky if it gets past 10am and you haven't written anything yet.  What got you into this routine?
I'm in this routine partly by necessity, because I write 2 books a year; and partly because when a book is underway I want to give it as much time as I possibly can in a day before I drop.

Does ANYTHING tempt you or distract you away from writing?
The sun can be fairly distracting - it makes me want to go out with my dogs, or for lunch with friends. Perhaps that's why it's a good thing being back in England, not quite so much "distraction".

Where do you write?
At home in my study.

Do you carefully plan your plot when you write, or do you "fly by the seat of your pants" with your plots?
I have some seeds of a few ideas when I get started, then I go on the journey with my characters and see where they take me.

Would you rather win the Booker Prize or have one of your novels made into a Hollywood Movie?
The Booker Prize is a bit beyond me, so it would definitely be a Hollywood Movie.

Favourite writing snack - sweet or savoury?
A glass of wine and some olives, which I tend to treat myself to towards the end of the writing day.

What makes your inner writer happy? 
When something happens in a book that I hadn't expected and it just works!! It's utterly exhilarating.

If you’d like to know more about Susan, or be in touch with her personally, then please feel free to contact her either through her website or Facebook. 

Susan's website is here: and she can also be found on her Facebook page:


Gillian McDade said...

The sun distracts me too! I always want to sunbathe. And I love the question we always ask about writing snacks. I am at the other end of the spectrum. Sometimes I forget to eat whilst writing.

M. Damian McNicholl said...

Lovely interview

Caroline Rance said...

Great interview, Susan. I really recognise that feeling of something unexpected happening in a book - when it works, it just brings everything together as if it had been obvious all along.

Susie Nott-Bower said...

Oh, that's wierd - my comment didn't register...
Thanks so much for coming by and for a great interview. HOW do you confine your writerly snacks to wine and olives???