Arvon a good time

It's my turn to post today, but I can't. Sorry. As some of you know, I have become addicted to Arvon writing courses in the last year. As you read this I am back at Lumb Bank, in Yorkshire, for the third time in less than twelve months. I am waking in Ted Hughes' house and looking out over the "tops".

This course is with Don Paterson and Lavinia Greenlaw, two of the most established poets in Britain today. It's a reading course, not a writing one. We are going to learn how to really read poems and how to use that to inform our writing. It is supposed to be for "advanced poets" so I am feeling a bit of a fraud as well as excited. I expect everyone else will have a much deeper knowledge of poetry than me.

Actually I am basking in a sense of anxious anticipation. Maybe this is the week that will take my writing to a new level. We'll see.

Sorry not to post today.

Alright, an admission. I scheduled this with blogger in advance. Imagine someone who scheduled a blog post, or a series of posts, and then was killed before they are published. It would be sort of like speaking from beyond the grave. It must have happened. I might be doing that now. I'll let you know if I make it back from Lumb Bank.


DT said...

Have a fantastic time and we look forward to your poetic viewpoint when you get back!

Roderic Vincent said...

Thanks, Derek. Waves from train to Leeds.

Roderic Vincent said...

Thanks, Derek. Waves from train to Leeds.

Susie Nott-Bower said...

Stop repeating yourself, Rod. ;)
Hope you are indeed arvon a great time. :)

Debs Riccio said...

So good you waved twice, Rod - hope you're having a fabulous time!