Guest post by Rosy Thornton and recipe giveaway!

My latest novel, ‘The Tapestry of Love’, is out this week in paperback, and to tie in with its release I have produced a collection of recipes.

Recipes? Yes, you did read that correctly. The idea was suggested to me after reading the book by my aunt, who is a keen cook. ‘People like recipes,’ she said. ‘And they might like to know how to cook the dishes which feature in the novel.’

‘The Tapestry of Love’ tells the story of Catherine Parkstone, a divorcee with grown children, who sells her house in England and moves to a remote hamlet in the Cévennes mountains in the French Massif Central to start up in business as a seamstress. The backdrop to the story includes the mountain landscape, Catherine’s tapestry work – and the local cuisine. Throughout the book, she enjoys the hospitality of various new neighbours, and in her turn prepares meals for them from local ingredients. The cévenole cuisine is a peasant tradition, and based on the produce of the woods: chestnuts and forest raspberries, trout from the upland streams, wild mushrooms and wild boar. And these are the recipes that I have collected together, so that readers can enjoy their own taste of the Cévennes hills.

The lovely people here at Strictly have kindly agreed to e-mail the recipes to anyone who leaves a comment here. So post a comment – and then get cooking!

[If anyone would like the recipe sheet, please email us at and leave your email address.

The Tapestry of Love is published by Headline Review on 14th October for £5.99

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Katerina said...

Hey Rosy,

Very well done on the paperback release, I'm sure it'll do well, and I think the recipe idea is fab :)

Kat x

Gillian McDade said...

What a great idea, Rosy - I hope there are plenty of veggie options ;) Best wishes with the paperback!

Rosy T said...

Thanks, both of you! And thanks so much to Caroline and all the Strictly crew for giving me the space to post.

Roderic Vincent said...


Always a delight to see you here. Sounds yummy. Chestnuts are my favourite.

Susie Nott-Bower said...

A brilliant idea, Rosy - just imagine all your readers having a holistic experience by preparing the food and eating it whilst reading. It's like Sensaround for literature!

Caroline Green said...

Thanks for coming by Rosy and I wish every success to TTOL!

If anyone would like the recipe sheet, please email us at and leave your email address.

Unknown said...

Wish you great success with this book, Rosy. I've read it and it really is one of those books you can't put down.

Anonymous said...

Best of success with the paperback, Rosy.

Sam x

Goddess of Blah Book Reviews said...

I've read “More Than Love Letters” and “Crossed Wires” both were brilliant (although “More Than Love Letters” is my favourite).

Rosy T said...

Thanks, everyone!

Kath McGurl said...

Sounds fascinating and I love the idea of the recipe ibooklet!

Anonymous said...
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