What we're writing...

As it's Friday we're giving you all another chance to nose into our lives. And we expect reciprocal rights of course.

So let me fill you in on what the Strictly team have been writing this week:

Debs seems to be spending a huge amount of time designing covers and writing blurbs and pitches now she's leapt into the world of e-publishing. She's all about saturation! She's also writing the first 5000 words for the Good Housekeeping New Novelist comp.

Fi is writing a blogpost for her (not new, more restored) blog and would love some visitors. So get thee over to www.manic-muse.blogspot.com

Susie has been writing her journal (she tries to do a Morning Page every day) and has sent about 30 emails asking magazine editors if they'll review The Making of Her.

Caroline R is writing a Valentine themed blogpost for The Quack Doctor, but is a bit bah humbug about Valentine's Day so is including plenty of death and skullduggery.

Caroline G is powering away on her next book (working title Molly Stone) and feeling a bit better having renegotiated the deadline!

Gillian is revisiting the first draft of The Dodo Society (the bird not the baby pacifier), reworking scenes and expanding ideas and themes. She's also filling in passport forms.

As for little old me, well, I'm now well into the WIP. I tentatively like the plot and some of my new characters but fear my ed is going to pull a face at my, admittedly, complicated structure. We'll see.

So what about you guys?
HB x


Roderic Vincent said...

Me, me, me. I got left out. I did respond to the email saying what I'm writing. Right now, I'm writing an angry comment on a blog post where they forgot to mention what I was writing.

Debs Riccio said...

Very real-time, Rod, awww bless you :( x