Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday's watching round-up

Okay so we've talked about what we're reading and writing. Here's what the Strictlies are watching on telly.

 Do let us know what you're hooked on right now...

All I'm watching these days is terrible reality shows and Location Location, because I'm looking for a place to buy.  Comfort telly.
I'm Watching masterchef and Too Fat For Fifteen on Watch HD.
Well I've been watching Sherlock which was as close to sublime as anything I can think of. Also Masterchef. The PHD atomic physisist rocks!!!
Watching? Mainly a blank computer screen, but Birdsong and Snog, Marry, Avoid recently (shameful) Put me down for Sherlock please as well, I'm asking for him in a boxed set for my birthday - I am SHERLOCKED! 
Still feeling bereaved at The Killing II  ending and also The Slap, which was an Australian drama based on the best selling book by Christopher Tsiolkas. One of the best bits of television I've seen in years. So now I'm mainly glued to Masterchef! Does anyone else ever get a bit emotional at Masterchef?


Neil said...

I don't watch TV, in fact I will be staring at a blank screen if I turn it on next month when it goes digital. Occasionally I go on iplayer, at the moment I'm following Earthflight, which is glorious.
I don't listen to radio either, but tomorrow I will be tuned to radio 4 because, errr, my book is being serialised.

Derek said...

Caroline, if you're bereft without The Killing 2 then give Borgen a try. True, there's no murders, but there's intrigue and a deep dive into the machinations of politics. Still a few episodes left.

Debs Riccio said...

Wow, Neil, that's impressive - what's your book called and what time's it on R4?
Derek, I've heard good things about Borgen. Subtitles still give me a headache though, there's too much concentration involved for me :)

Neil said...

@debs The book is called Deep Country. I did a guest blog about it here last year. The programme is a three-parter starting at 12.30 tomorrow night. Not quite a primetime miniseries a la Birdsong but very gratifying nonetheless, and perfectly timed to coincide with paperback release.

Julie P said...

I'm afraid I've never seen Sherlock, but I did enjoy the recent Stargazing Live series. I love Law and Order UK too, but I have to admit my guilty pleasure at the moment is Judge Judy!

Susie Nott-Bower said...

Neil, congratulations! (both on not watching TV and on your book being serialised - what a coup!).

Sue Sedgwick said...

My guilty pleasure is Masterchef, and I agree that Sherlock was brilliant. The first episode of Birdsong made me cry in the first ten minutes, so that's top of my list for this weekend.

Karen said...

The Good Wife and The Big C on Thursday evenings are my current guilty pleasures :o)

Kath said...

I've been watching Cloudstreet, another Australian piece of brilliance.

Caroline Green said...

Derek, I've heard lots of good things about Borgen. I will definitely check that out. Kath, I think it's the same team behind Cloudstreet as The Slap. What channel is it on?

Debs Riccio said...

Karen, we loved the first series of The Big C - is it back? Are we missing it?