Friday, 26 March 2010

The spell chequer is write, sew their!

Hell oh. I'm Gillian and bye now ewe will no me as won of the Strictly crew. Eye like to think eye am a good speller. Of coarse, we knead to bee good spellers, ewe sea. As authors wee set an eggs ample to others. Perhaps there are sum people who want to bee authors but our not that good at spelling. That's were the pea sea comes in handy. Some people don't give a shirt weather they spell write or knot, butt I do! Four me, it's very imp port tent. I learned too spell when I was at school at the age of for. My teach her said I was a grate speller and I even got won hundred per cent won year.

Eye halve won of those spelling chequers which is help full. Ewe can tell, I hope? Regard less of weather I halve a spell chequer or knot, I no I am a grate speller. Many of the grate righters did knot halve spelling chequers. George Oar Well could spell and he didn't halve a spelling chequer because he lived long a go. Charles Dick Ins new how to spell write. If ewe reed Grate Expectations ewe will bee amazed at how good he is. All sew, there's Emily Braun Tea who probably did knot halve a spell chequer, and Dug Glass Cope Land – he know doubt did though, as he is mode urn.

The knew write hers from the naughties like Nick Cola Bark Her and Kazoo Oh Ishiguro or even Hill Lorry Mantle will halve spelling chequers witch will help them to spell. All there novels, and even Hilary's book Wool Fall where all free from mist aches. They will halve spelling chequers on their comp pewters and eye max.

Eye have been running my hole novel threw it and have realised it's perfect all the weigh threw. There are know wig lee green lines, know mist aches at all – soup her, I thought! This novel, numb bare three, which eye halve stored on my pea sea is grate. I'm well pleased with it and I'm hoping some won some were will want to publish it.

Butt, the spelling chequer can be danger us two. We may think we spell a whirred write butt it is, in fact wrong. Sew, we must be care full when sending are books two agents.

I can knot bare those rejections. I'm board with them. Those callus agents think they no it all. They chews only a few books each year two print - and just think off all that paper they waist, righting reject sean let hers. Plane crazy, huh?

Eye halve taken grate care with this blog two, sew if ewe sea any mist aches please let me no. All the words our spelt write – that I can ass sure ewe. Knot won whirred is out of plaice – can ewe bee leave that?

Let this be a less in to ewe, to poof read care fully!

Take a bough spelling chequer, your the best.


Rosy T said...

Very fun knee, Gillian!

Gillian McDade said...

Thank ewe, Rosy!

Roderic Vincent said...


Strange the way this makes you read it in a robot staccato voice in your head.

Or is that just me?

Emma Darwin said...


Rod, it's me, too. I think it's because it's all homophones you have to 'hear' it in your head - actually sound out the words silently, as it were - to understand it.

And it certainly is harder to understand - which just goes to show why dull stuff like spelling and punctuation do matter. It's not nerdiness.


Gillian McDade said...

Rod and Emma - despite having written it, when I was reading it aloud, I too sounded like a robot! What I did was read it out loud, and listen to my voice at the same time.

Yes, women can multi-task ;)

Susie Nott-Bower said...

Larft owt lowed - lit er rully!

Gillian McDade said...

LOL LOL LOL LOL, Susie - I absolutely love your effort - every word should be a word proper, ewe sea! <----- like ewe and sea!! LOL :) :)

Susie Nott-Bower said...

*Blushes and slinks away...*

Roderic Vincent said...

I thought you were doing a Cornish version, Susie.

Roderic Vincent said...

"Sew, we must be care full when sending are books two agents."

You missed a trick, Gillian. That could have been: sending books to a gents.

Appropriate as the toilet is probably where my MS ends up.

Caroline Green said...

Verry goode, Jillyan.

Oh hang on, I've come over all Olde English now...

Old Kitty said...


I'm now completely cross-eyed.

Thank you.


Take care

Gillian McDade said...

Thanks, Rod! In hindsight, there are a few I missed, so if anyone has any alternatives, please post! I nearly went cross-eyed re-reading and re-reading!

Thanks for the comments/appreciation/applause.

DT said...

Very entertaining, especially 'shirt weather'. I found I had to concentrate all the way through but perhaps I'm just homophonic.

Debs Riccio said...

Owe yes eye yam boss-Ide two.
Eye kneed sum parrots eat 'em all.

Great post Gillian - spelling is a particular bug-bear of mine - and working in a school doesn't help as some teachers are worse than the children.

Gillian McDade said...

Debs, I'm so glad you said that. I am horrified at some teachers and their lack of spelling - even the basics like their and there can be wrong.

Debs Riccio said...

Ah but their excuse/reason for this is that "(written) comprehension of the subject is more important than spelling". So it's overlooked. And it makes me rage. We even put work up on display with glaring spelling mistakes and not a red mark in sight to even show the teacher realises or cares it's wrong.

Paul said...

The spell checker is at least handy. What's really oppressive (because it's only right half the time) is that grammar checker in Word. I keep mine turned off.

Anonymous said...

Woah! Reading that made me go cross eyed!

How long did it take you to write this post?

Kath McGurl said...

Love it! I will never talk about typos again. From now on they will always be mist aches.

Gillian McDade said...

It didn't take long to write, or right, I should say. I wrote it in segments and then put it together. It's amazing how many words you can use for this purpose!

Anonymous said...

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