Kindle me this

The Kindle was once the antichrist, now it’s an acquaintance. You see, I think I might buy a Kindle.

‘Good grief,’ I hear you say. All of you lovely Strictly readers. ‘What on earth would possess Gillian to buy a Kindle?’

Well, it’s mainly just to read those 20p books on Amazon that I would otherwise never purchase. I’m planning to go for the basic model as I don’t want to fuel the sales of the more up to date and modern models to make Mr Future Technology think that the Kindle is the way forward in reading. Because it’s NOT. No, I’m a Luddite, for which I will never apologise. However, I’m going to buy the Kindle in Tesco, but only if I have plenty of money off coupons, and maybe (hello Mr Tesco) if it’s on offer soon.
The thing I’m scared of the most is ‘losing’ my sense of place in the book, and also making the hobby of reading seem more like a bland chore or like an arduous day at work. I don’t want to think I’m proof reading on a computer screen, neither do I want to feel like I’m reading something I’ve written for work.

Opinions please!

Did I just say I feel like buying a Kindle?

Photo by Jenny Rollo

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