Flash Friday!

Happy Friday to all our readers.

Today, I'm going to set you a challenge, an exercise to flex your writing muscles to prepare for a weekend of writing!

The word is 'Lips'. The challenge is to write a story from beginning to end in as few words as possible, ideally under fifty, then post it as a comment below.

I've been a flasher before, (yeah, yeah, enough of the naked runner images) and really enjoyed it, but more than that, I found it amazing that, even when using so few words, the process is the same. You write a story, make sure it makes sense, has structure, then edit it down to make more sense.

Good luck!

So , all you budding flash fictioners, we can't wait to see what some of you do with lips (so to speak...)


DT said...

Our wine glasses are the only evidence. Your car is pulling away, and so are you. The kitchen table, a shrine to a religion that flourished and decayed. And my lips, sealed with that final, Judas kiss, are cold at the stolen memory of your text: I'll be home soon.

Sandra Davies said...

She smiled. At both of them but between himself and him lips changed, softened, parted to involuntarily expel a breath, residual sensation. He had disappeared.

Fionnuala said...

I'm loving this! Fabulous, so far! Thx Derek and Sandra.

Joanna said...

A bandage is a protective barrier. A bandage over the eyes is a concrete wall.
But I have your lips, cushions under my fingertips, softer than hospital pillows. And a sigh escapes them, as stale-scented as yesterday's hope, yet a warm gulf of your living air meeting mine.

Gillian McDade said...

Rosy red lips are for sharing, caring. The wrinkles are like waves that come toward me, lapping round my ankles. Magical lips of sweet perfection.

Alyson said...

Louise applied the favourite coral lipstick. A final thank you for early years of care. Then she stood back and wept at her mother’s open casket.