Debs Riccio

Debs tried a hundred  jobs before realising that writing is the only thing she’s good at (apart from giving birth to her best friend) and spends her time living with made up people in her head.  Real people scare her but make great material.

She has a beautiful daughter, a handsome carpenter husband, works part-time at a local school and has written 5 books, all of which have received rave rejections from Agents. 

She has e-published 3 Young Adult novels under her maiden name of  D.A. Cooper  and her adult fiction book, 'Reconstructing Jennifer' is also on the Amazon bookshelf under her current name, D.J. Riccio. 

She blogs about stuff at: can also be found Tweeting (intermittently) as @DebsJRiccio and is on Facebook as Debs Riccio

She doesn't always talk about herself in the Third Person. She thinks that would be too weird.

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